Core technology and competences

Python and Plone are our main technologies for providing you with the best portal solutions,  individual software solutions and professional publishing workflows.

Plone - the enterprise CMS

Plone is a web-based content management system providing support for arbitrary content-types and  flexible workflows. It is highly scalable and very secure.

We work with Plone since 2002 and support customers worldwide with their CMS projects. Our specialties are large-scale Plone projects and migrations. We also maintain lots of open-source Plone add-ons.


Python is the most widely used scripting language and nowadays popular among devops, data scientists and researcher1s.

We have Python experience since 1993 in various projects. All most of our projects are based on Python technology.  We use Python for web application and CMS solution, in industry projects and many other areas.

XML Publishing

XML is the key technology in the publishing industry with 20 years. We use XML in our publishing projects and support conversions from/to PDF, HTML, EPub, DOCX and many others.

We have a rich experience in publishing projects for EU institutions, NGOs, education and the industrial sector.  We pick the right tools for each project.

Our services

We and our partners can provide you with best possible services during a project.
This ranges from initial requirements analysis and consulting to software architecture and planing.Optionally we will care about maintenance, coaching and all other aspects throughout the lifetime of your projects.

Requirement analysis

We are deeply committed for finding the best possible solution for your requirements.

Agility is the core of our approach. We listen to you and we are trying to understand what you need even in complex or unknown working domains.


With 25 years of experiences we are able to provide the best possible architecture from traditional single server solution up to scalable cloud solutions.

Our architectures fit for your current needs but leave the necessary space for further extensions and scaling.


Our main implementation language is Python and we use it different way for implementing your solution and integrating third-party components and infrastructure.

Our implementation approach follows the best practice standards like test-driven development.


We can host and maintain your project during its lifetime if required. Various forms of service level agreements can be arranged.


The foundation of our publishing projects is our Plone-based XML content management system XML-Director.

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Produce & Publish

Our modular approach in publishing projects allows us to choose the best solution that fits your publishing needs.

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PrintCSS allows you to generate high-quality PDF documents based on HTML/XML content and CSS stylesheets.

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Smashdocs is collaborative web-based content editor as an alternative to Google Docs.

ZOPYX and Partners

A full-scale project requires the best experts in each field. We are committed providing the best services and best solutions for our customers.

That’s why we maintain year-long connections with experts in various fields from frontend to backend, for creative artwork and frontend design and for special services like XML conversions.

Andreas Jung

Creative Guru of ZOPYX

Plone, Python
Backend development Publishing solutions


Stefania Trabucchi

CEO Abstract Technology

Plone Design Customization Frontend development
Open edX solutions


Simon Pamies

CEO appweeve

Cloud architecture
Software development



Customers and references

We provide services and solutions to customers worldwide since 2002.
Our customer base ranges from universities and educational institutions, public administration to industrial customers in various industries.


Our school uses Plone for a range of purposes, including generating reports and minutes of class conferences. We were in need of a reliable solution to manage the printing of these standard form documents, and found the product SmartPrintNG to suit our needs well on account of its flexible configurability. Andreas Jung conducted hands-on training in which he conveyed, in a highly competent and professional manner, the necessary know-how for us to begin working with it.

Alois MayrAlbrecht-Ernst Gynmasium, Oettingen in Bayern

Both the product support provided by Andreas Jung and his competency in developing solutions are excellent. They have served as a stable source of backup for our customer projects.

Lars WalterCEO Novarteo GmbH

Andreas Jung imparted generous amounts of his enormous Zope know-how during a two-day workshop, allowing us to progress with our project in a quick and efficient manner. He was able to answer any and all questions in detail, either during the workshop itself or in subsequent communication. The foundations were laid for a great cooperative relationship.

Walter StreicherProject manager BG-Phoenics

We have relied on Plone since 2005 for maintaining the team’s web presence and for managing scientific projects at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory.

Thanks to Andreas Jung’s expertise, Plone migration was completed in a minimal amount of time and Plone products were adapted optimally to meet our requirements.

Gunnar RätschTeam Leader, Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society

We have been cooperating successfully with Andreas Jung for many years. Working together with our development team, he has helped to build numerous state-of-the-art, Zope-based software solutions for the electronic publishing branch of our organisation.

Dr. Hans Georg OsthofPublishing Manager - Electronic Publishing, Haufe Media Group

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