E-Publishing and Web-to-Print Solutions

Produce & Publish - our solution for the generation of high-quality PDF documents

ZOPYX possesses large amounts of expertise in the development of highly scalable e-publishing solutions.  Over the years, our organisation has specialised in the integration of heterogeneous systems as well as in the implementation of cross-platform workflows and high-performance database connections.

ZOPYX founder Andreas Jung draws on more than fifteen years of experience in the electronic publishing domain, first at the Saarbrücker Zeitung (the daily newspaper of the Saarland region, Germany) and later at the specialist publishing house Haufe-Lexware.  His know-how is available to help you sustainably optimise your work processes and achieve appreciable increases in productivity and output quality.

ZOPYX product Produce & Publish

Produce & Publish is a component-based software solution with which documents can be created and output in various high-quality formats.  Whilst its focus lies primarily on the generation of PDF documents, the Produce & Publish platform also supports formats such as Open-Office, Word, RTF and all current e-book formats.  Existing systems like portals, content management systems and native applications can be integrated by means of client connections and a standardised API, allowing the Produce & Publish platform to be made available throughout your entire organisation. The authoring environment of Produce & Publish employs a web-based user interface to enable complete control over content, appearance and production process.  The open and flexible API makes Produces & Publish an ideal basis for web-to-print applications whose task it is to create documents from dynamic data.

Demanding neither expensive tools nor specialist know-how, Produce & Publish is a low-cost alternative to comparable commercial products like the Adobe Indesign Server.  Produce & Publish uses XML/HTML and CSS to generate high quality documents.  Styles and templates can be defined by any designer with competency in HTML and CSS.  With Produce & Publish, you have full access to the source code: Produce & Publish is an open platform.  The Produce & Publish server provides a simple and uniform API for all output formats, including e-books.  There are no annual fees, no hidden costs, and no adhesion contracts.


We have been deploying diverse, open-source ZOPYX products within our customer projects for five years.  Our own developers are fortunate to be able to fall back on Andreas Jung's expertise when needed.

Lars Walter
CEO, Novareto GmbH