CMS Solutions for Universities and Organisations

ZOPYX and its partners have enjoyed a long history of cooperation with leading universities and research institutes in the conception, realisation and maintenance of both general and project-specific websites

Plone has established itself as a content management system within the higher education sector.  A number of universities have already made a conscious decision to deploy Plone over PHP-based solutions like Typo3.

Prominent reasons for the use of Plone:

  • Simple to learn and operate
  • Highly scalable
  • Secure
  • Many specific extensions for universities and other institutes
  • Low-cost (no acquisition costs and no licence costs, unlike with other CMS providers in the higher education sector such as Infopark or Imperia.  A good deal of money has already been invested in failed CMS projects at universities)

Software Modules

We have at our disposal an extensive set of modules with which to assemble your desired system.  Features such as accessibility, scalability and high availability are incorporated as standard.  A few examples of the available modules and solutions:

  • Staff directory
  • Individual staff pages
  • Presentation of research areas and findings
  • Reference and publication management
  • Media databases
  • Video and audio support
  • Blogs and eCards
  • Newsletters
  • Scheduling of room use and meetings
  • Protected areas (e.g. for depositing study materials for students)
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Press database
  • Wiki functionalities
  • Calendars, including group calendars
  • Integration of mailing list systems
  • Multilingual capabilities (in the website front-end as well as for content)
  • Subsites
  • Individual access rights management, delegability of access privileges
  • Central news system with a decentralised supply of news
  • eTeaching and eLearning
  • Linkage with university information system
  • Linkage with LDAP and Active Directory
  • Easy operability without the need for training, even for non-technical staff
  • and many more

Services for Universities

  • Conception of websites and guidance relating thereto
  • Information architecture (website structuring, targeted architecture, etc.)
  • Web design (to align with a particular corporate identity where required)
  • Realisation and project implementation 
  • Staff training
  • Launch, software maintenance and updates

Past Successes in the Higher Education Sector

  • Requirements management, information architecture and interface design for the portal and various institutes of the University of Bonn, with additional implementation of components for the central portal and institutes
  • Guidance and realisation of portals and CMS solutions for the Max Planck Institutes
  • Provision of advisory services to the University of Tübingen in the area of content management systems
  • Developer training for staff at the Universities of Giessen and Marburg and the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Migration of third party products for the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Requirements management for the University of Marburg
  • Support and guidance for the excellence cluster Asia and Europe in a Global Context at the University of Heidelberg 
  • Provision of advisory services to the Media University (Germany) in the area of PDF generation/publishing
  • Provision of advisory services to the University of Music Freiburg

Optimal Support Through Highly Competent Points of Contact

ZOPYX colleagues Andreas Jung and Veit Schiele are responsible for providing support to the university group of the Python Software Foundation. Their many years' experience in the higher education sector leaves them well placed to understand sector-specific needs and difficulties - from those of a single department chair up to those of entire institutes and universities.  Special requirements, such as the integration of Zope and Plone with specific systems like university information systems, are routinely dealt with.  With us, you can state your requirements exactly as they are - we know how universities function.  Andreas Jung was also the founder of and advisor to the Plone4Universities project, whose aim was to promote the use of Plone in the university sector.



Andreas Jung imparted generous amounts of his enormous Zope know-how during a two-day workshop, allowing us to progress with our project in a quick and efficient manner.  He was able to answer any and all questions in detail, either during the workshop itself or in subsequent communication.  The foundations were laid for a great cooperative relationship.

Walter Streicher
Project Manager, BG-Phoenics