Energieberatung GmbH (An Energy Consulting Company)

Realisation of the platform gasmonitoring.info
Energieberatung GmbH (An Energy Consulting Company)
Technology Python, Plone
Area Custom development

In cooperation with the Verband der Industriellen Energie- und Kraftwirtschaft (Association of the Industrial Energy and Power Industry, Germany) and their daughter company Energieberatung GmbH, ZOPYX Ltd. has realised a monitoring platform to aid the gas procurement activities of major industrial customers.

The Plone-based platform makes intensive use of modern, interactive charts.  These charts support the procurement of gas supplies by gas buyers in major enterprises by drawing on historical consumption data and projections, thereby optimising the buyers' purchasing activities.  All charts possess an extensive range of interactive capabilities: zoom in/out, the option to hide or display individual graph lines, selective filters based on external selection of forms, and a mouseover indicating the corresponding respective values of the relevant data series for freely selectable data points on the chart.

The portal was realised on the basis of Plone 4.2.  The Javascript library Highcharts is used to generate the charts.  The jQuery add-on qjGrid is also used, in order to e.g. display or edit individual consumption values per day and per hour on a month-by-month basis.  The persistence layer is based on the noSQL database MongoDB.

Alongside substantial development work on its interface programming, the gas monitoring platform is supported by extensive and complex back-end computations.  The implementation aggregates current stock market listings, up-to-the-minute information on gas products etc. from various data sources.  All computations take place online and are updated daily (no pre-computations are carried out).  There is also a mail gateway which enables customers' gas suppliers to convey the previous day's consumption data to the platform in the form of an email.  The transfer of data takes place according to the industry standard MSCONS (EDIFACT).  This means that the data has its own parser.  The realisation of the portal required extensive domain-specific knowledge relating to the gas industry to be transferred from the relevant customers to ZOPYX.


Customer perspective

Andreas Jung realised the portal gasmonitoring.info on our behalf for the purpose of optimising gas procurement activities of major industrial customers. Agile processes were used to transfer complex computational methods and domain-specific algorithms related to gas procurement onto a modern web platform. Andreas Jung impressed us with his ability to implement complex concepts in minimal amounts of time and to react rapidly to changing requirements.
(Dipl.-Eng. Markus Gebhardt, Project Management, Energieberatung Gmbh, Essen)

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