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Saarland Broadcasting, Saarbrücken: Unser Ding ("Our Thing")

In 2007, ZOPYX created a special Plone-based CMS for the Saarland Broadcasting service's youth radio station Unser Ding ("Our Thing").  The standard functionalities of Plone were extended with broadcasting-specific capabilities: broadcast management, the time-controlled playout of content and a highly scalable media database for management of graphics, audio files, videos and other large data files.  The application has been running and performing highly since October 2007, requiring a minimum of hardware and operating without disturbances.  It is one of just a few radio station websites worldwide that are based on open-source solutions.  In comparison to specially developed commercial solutions for radio stations, Plone is extremely cost-efficient and highly flexible.  It is also manufacturer-independent and offers a high level of investment security.

Im March 2008, the relaunch of "Our Thing" was successfully implemented, with the website receiving a completely new layout.

Project requirements

  • Plone-based CMS
  • Time-controlled playout of content (daily, weekly, monthly, on particular days, holiday schedule)
  • Media database for graphics, video and audio files
  • Integration of Plone with a completely different look & feel (own theme)
  • Broadcast management (broadcasting schedules, presenters)
  • Inbound RSS feed aggregation
  • Implementation of a complex authorisation model
  • Extension of diverse existing third party products for use within the CMS
  • Project planning, execution and start-up
  • Simple and extendable
  • Cost-efficient solution