The universally deployable open-source application server


Zope is a Python-programmed framework for the development of secure, high-performance web applications.

Zope is the number one choice for firms who require their intra- and internet solutions to combine complex functional capabilities, a high level of security and minimal maintenance needs with scalability and excellent system stability.  The Zope development process prioritises these business-critical requirements from the outset.

Zope's innovative component architecture sets it apart from its competitors.  It decreases the complexity of modern web applications to an easily manageable level and reduces the expenditure of work at all stages of the process, from the development of an application right up to its day-to-day operation.  Zope components themselves are very simply constructed.  They implement a small number of precisely defined functions and can be integrated into complex applications if so desired.

Zope prides itself on delivering efficient, secure and cleanly structured solutions which can be operated failure-free and with minimal outlay on a years-long basis.

Within the scope of its agile software development, ZOPYX also deploys the convention over configuration framework developed for Zope.


Both the product support provided by Andreas Jung and his competency in developing solutions are excellent.  They have served as a stable source of backup for our customer projects.

Lars Walter
Geschäftsführer, Novareto GmbH