Simon Pamies

Simon Pamies

Freelance Software Development

Simon Pamiés studied bioinformatics at the University of Bielefeld and is currently completing his Master's degree in IT Management at the FOM School of Management.  In 2004, Simon Pamiés founded the web agency Banality jointly with Kai Mertens and began to focus his attentions specifically on back-end programming.  Simon Pamiés is author of the Plone-based anthill-CMS.


  • Social media (monitoring)
  • Rich internet applications
  • Cloud computing
  • High scalabiity
  • Virtualisation
  • Python (Pyramid, Zope, Plone)
  • Java (Tapestry, Spring)
  • jQuery (UI, Touch)
  • ExtJS
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • XenApp

Areas of activity

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project management
  • Programming
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance