Presentations Andreas Jung

Slides of presentations given by Andreas Jung

Plone migrations using plone.restapi

Plone 4 to Plone 5 migrations using plone.restapi. Plone Conference 2018, Toyko.
Date 07.11.2018
Views 129
Tags plone, migration, rest, plone, zopyx

Plone Migrationen mit Plone REST API

Migration in Plone REST API
Date 20.03.2018
Views 222

Plone im Einsatz bei der Universität des Saarländes als Shop-System und Gefahrstoffkataster

Plone als Gefahrstoffkataster und E-Procurement-System an der Universität des Saarlandes
Date 20.03.2018
Views 194
Tags shopping, kataster, plone

Generierung von PDF aus XML/HTML mit PrintCSS

CSS Paged Media - Was die Tools können und was nicht. Workshop TEKOM Herbsttagung 2017 Stuttgart.
Date 25.10.2017
Views 601
Tags css, html5, antennahouse, pdf, viviliostyle

Creating Content Together - Plone Integration with SMASHDOCs

Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona. Lightning talk . Collaborative Content Creation solutions for content management systems or arbitrary web applications,
Date 20.10.2017
Views 158
Tags plone, cms, editor, collaboration, content, marketing

Creating Content Together - Plone Integration with SMASHDOCs

Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona. Lightning talk . Collaborative Content Creation solutions for content management systems or arbitrary web applications,
Date 20.10.2017
Views 167
Tags smashdocs, editing, collaboration, plone

The Plone and The Blockchain

Lightning talk given at Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona by Andreas Jung. Prototyping a CMS-related blockchain with Plone and BigChainDB.
Date 20.10.2017
Views 516
Tags plone, cms, ploneconf2007, blockchain

Content Gemeinsam Erstellen: Integration Plone mit SMASHDOCs

Slides meines Vortrags zur Integration von Plone 5 mit dem kollaborativen Editor SMASHDOCs anlässlich der Brownbag Session am 21.6.2017 in Berlin
Date 21.06.2017
Views 334
Tags content, strategy, cms, smashdocs, epub, xml

PDF Generierung mit XML/HTML und CSS - was die Tools können und was nicht.

CSS Paged Media - anlässlich der Tekom Frühjahrstagung 2017 in Kassel. PrinceXML Antennahouse PDFreactor
Date 07.04.2017
Views 3669
Tags pdf, weasyprint, html, html5, pdfreactor

Why we love ArangoDB. The hunt for the right NosQL Database

ArangoDB is a modern multi-model NoSQL database. The slides explains how we found and why we love ArangoDB. The talk was given at PyMunich 2016.
Date 30.10.2016
Views 4096
Tags arangodb, python, nosql, databases

XML Director - the technical foundation of

XML User Group 03/2016
Date 16.03.2016
Views 1204
Tags cms, plone, xml, publishing


Unified access from Python to storages and filesystem. Python Users Berlin 03/2016
Date 11.03.2016
Views 1727
Tags data, cloud, python

Building bridges - Plone Conference 2015 Bucharest

Integrative Publishing Solutions with Plone. From storages to converters.
Date 14.10.2015
Views 2984
Tags publishing, content, management, storage, plone, pdf

CSS Paged Media - A review of tools and techniques

XML Prague 2015. A review of CSS Paged Media Tool and techniques.
Date 14.02.2015
Views 10451
Tags xml, css, publishing, cms, pdf

Integration of Plone with eXist-db

Integration of Plone with eXist-db. Short talk given at the XML Prague Conference, Exist-DB users meeting, February 2015
Date 13.02.2015
Views 2035
Tags existdb, plone, pdf, xml, cms

Plone Integration with eXist-db - Structured Content rocks

Integration of Plone with eXist-db (XML database). Give at Plone Conference 2014 in Bristol
Date 30.10.2014
Views 2361
Tags xml, publishing, existdb, pdf, exist-db

Why Plone Will Die

A view on the Plone backend developer experiences. Given at Plone Conference 2014, Bristol.
Date 29.10.2014
Views 5255
Tags zope, plone, cms, plone5

Onkopedia - Ein medizinisches Leitlinienportal auf dem Weg zu XML-basierten Publishing Workflows

Onkopedia ist ein medizinische Fachportal mit Leitlinien zur Behandlung von u.a. Krebserkrankungen. Der Vortrag dokumentiert die Umstellung des Publishing Workflows (DOCX -> HTML + PDF) auf Basis von XML.
Date 10.10.2014
Views 2025
Tags plone, xml, pdf, produce&publish

Produce & Publish Cloud Edition

Kurze Zusammenfassung unserer Pläne zur nächsten Version von Produce & Publish mit Cloud Unterstützung
Date 15.05.2013
Views 1397
Tags plone, pdf, producepublish

zopyx.plone migration - Plone Hochschultagung 2013

Vortrag über unserer eigenes Plone Migrationframework zopyx.plone.migration
Date 15.05.2013
Views 8839
Tags plone, migration

Onkopedia - ein medizinisches Fachportal auf Basis von Plone

Vortrag WorldPloneDay 2013, Köln
Date 02.05.2013
Views 1715
Tags plone, pdf, produce, publish, producepublish

Pragmatische Plone Projekte

PyCON-DE 2012 Leipzig
Date 30.10.2012
Views 1969
Tags python, plone

Pragmatic plone projects

Plone conference 2012, Arnhem
Date 10.10.2012
Views 2304
Tags plone, ploneconf2012, plone, tips, plone

Pragmatic plone projects

Pragmatic Plone Projects - talk given at the Plone conference 2012, Arnhem
Date 10.10.2012
Views 1716
Tags plone, ploneconf2012

Produce & Publish - von und mit Plone zum PDF und EBook

Plone Konferenz 2012
Date 23.02.2012
Views 3088
Tags rtf, e-book, publishing, pdf, single-source, producepublish

Produce & Publish Authoring Environment V 2.0 (english version)

- Single Source Multi Channel Publishing with Plone
Date 06.11.2011
Views 3095
Tags plone, epub, pdf, publishing, and, printing, producepublish, ebook

Produce & Publish V 2.0 - Authoring Environment - Single-Source Multi-Channel Publishing

Produce & Publish, PyCON-DE 2011 Leipzig
Date 05.10.2011
Views 2272
Tags epub, rtf, producepublish, plone, pdf, odt

Python mongo db-training-europython-2011

Slides of my Python/MongoDB training given at EuroPython 2011 in Florence.
Date 20.06.2011
Views 10685
Tags mongodb, python, pythonic, mongodb, mongodb


Talk given at Mongo Berlin 2010 by Andreas Jung
Date 04.10.2010
Views 3086
Tags mongodb, brainrepublic, python, bfg, rabbitmq, solr

Produce & Publish Authoring Environment World Plone Day 2010 - Berlin

Date 28.04.2010
Views 2142
Tags plone, pdf, produce, publish, producepublish

Making Py Pi Sux Less Key

Date 08.03.2010
Views 3225
Tags pypi, python, packaging, python

Frequently asked questions answered frequently - but now for the last time

Date 31.10.2009
Views 3049
Tags plone

Eggs, Buildouts und andere Wunderlichkeiten

Tutorial Python Setuptools, zc.buildout
Date 07.09.2008
Views 2051
Tags zope, buildouts, buildout, buildout, eggs

Konfigurationsgesteuerte Buildouts Dzug 2008

Date 07.09.2008
Views 1729
Tags buildout, python, python, zope, buildout

State Of Zope Linuxtag 2008

State of Zope talk given by Andreas Jung at the Linuxtag, Berlin, May 2008
Date 01.06.2008
Views 2398
Tags zope, zope, grok, plone, grok


Plone4Universities Lightning talk
Date 17.10.2007
Views 2890

Producing high-quality documents with Plone

Explains how to generated RTF, PDF, ODT, DOCX and WML from Plone contgent
Date 15.10.2007
Views 4241
Tags zope, producepublish, plone, xslfo, plone

Dzug Zope Optimized

Date 19.08.2007
Views 1902

D Z U G Unser Ding

Date 19.08.2007
Views 2750